Winery Škrbić

When wine like this is produced and shyly find its place in an already diverse milieu of all other domestic and foreign wines it is impossible for an average anonymous lover of this “ God’s miracle converted into liquid red, gold or pink color” not to utter and repeatedly exclaim “ bravo!”

“Bravo” to a family that dared to transform their love for wine , which dates back to their ancestors, into one exquisite wine , proudly marked as Serbian, although its taste, design and label makes it so sophisticated that it surpasses the borders of Serbia.

‘”Bravo “ to originality of the brand, where the creator of this wine gives you the freedom to call the wine as you wish, knowing that after the first sip you are bound to fall in love with it regardless of how you pronounce its name.

“Bravo” to the concept where hedonism is set free and where the owner guarantees that you will soon be able to enjoy the perfect combination of this truly exceptional wine with our food . While visiting the winery which is entirely below ground in an area of about 450 square meters, where every detail has been carefully brought to perfection (sometimes intentionally rusty ), I felt for a moment that I was in the heart of Italy in Tuscany because my whole neighborhood ( starting from the composition of rustic colors walls, rusty grate separating the working part of the parade ) irresistibly reminded me of the wine cellars of the medieval castles of Tuscany.

I realized that the idea of the creator of this project was that all exudes style , minimalist , proudly Serbian, while at the same time avoiding Serbian inevitable distinctive ethnic style which is, frankly speaking, present in every Serbian cafe.

And they did it! They managed to do something that others could not do, they managed to offer not only the wine and the food, but also the ambiance, and all that only a few kilometers away from the center of Belgrade.

They managed to force the lazy wine lovers to move from the city center and to awaken all their hedonistic senses which will certainly leave a lasting impression until their next visit.

‘Bravo’ to the energy that they radiate.

“Bravo “ to their otpimism!

And in the end “ Bravo” to them.

This combination of premium wines, food and atmosphere is absolutely a must-see and above all, it should be tried. We guarantee it that it will not leave you indifferent, Love of tradition is visible in the interior of this lovely winery. Oak wood is the dominant material designed to provide warmth and the feeling of home.

One part of the winery, according to Mr.Škrbić, will house the old wine-making devices, now replaced by new technologies and this will be kind of a wine museum. Definitely, winery Škrbić is a place where cultures, traditions and new technologies meet united by the love of fine wines and good old “Chicha” whose energy reminds us that we can make out of life whatever we want, as long as we have a clear goal and a strong will to do what makes us happy. We can even make high-quality wine. Why not?